So a new article by the Huffington Post was posted on January 19th that I found very interesting. It listed What The 1% Majored In when they attended college. What followed was a list that was surprising and at some points shocking. Pre-med and preparatory majors for medicine were first, which was completely understandable. But after that followed Economics at #2 (What a breath of fresh air that was). To know my major was #2 for the top 1% of earners was shocking to me, but also very nice to hear, and somewhat understandable. What followed were several expected majors such as finance (falling to a shocking #13 spot which was surprising), molecular biology, and physiology. However, several majors made me question how they were possible. Zoology came in at #4, which I couldn’t really put into perspective. Art history and criticism, and civilization studies followed as well.

What a shocking turn of events. I was sure these top majors for the 1% would include accounting, management, entrepreneurship, etc. Basically the business school was in my head when I thought of the 1% but what I got instead was several topics that could even be found in the Arts and Sciences department. Very shocking, yet quite interesting. Glad to hear my majors in 2nd, let’s see what I can do with it.